26 paź 2012

Toll's Toy in Leipzig

This weekend our Toll'sToy series will be presented by the platform afilii on the Designer's Open in Leipzig.
Afilii is a new born project that promotes good and creative, regional and ecologically produced design for children beyond mass market products. The Designer's Open is its first presentation and we're happy to be on board from the first minute on. In the market place of the Designer's Open, Toll'sToy cannot only be tested but also bought.
So, Leipzig calling!

9 paź 2012

Kvadratt and Ufo at Lodz Design Festival

And the word was made flesh. Today Kvadratt went on tour. Together with another of Grzegorzs projects, the table Ufo, Kvadratt was invited to be exhibited at the Łódź Design Festival in Poland. Between the 18-th and 28-th October these two products will take part in the exhibition called 'Design for children'.

5 paź 2012

Poster and catalog Fabelweiss

Lena's latest exhibition Fabelweiss was accompanied by a german/polish publication of the same name, published in a small edition by the German Consulate in Cracow. For this occasion, dr Lothar Quinkenstein wrote an interesting text called 'Orbis pictus' analizing Lena's work in the context of german romanticism and Bruno Schulzes reflection on the frightening independance of the matter itself.
The second text was written by the art historian Andreas Fecht which gives an inside view and interpretation of the book Nocturne, which Lena created one year ago.
We decided to concentrate on the two brilliant texts and to give them much space, so we show only some pictures of Lenas objects and drawings and the book Nocturne.
24 pages, edition of 120

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