26 wrz 2012

Fabelweiss in Cracow

Recently, less than two weeks ago, ended Lena's temporary exhibition Fabelweiss organized by the Consul Dr. Werner Köhler, in the gallery of the German Consulate in Cracow. Lenas drawings, objects and installations were spread in four halls of the original gothic underground gallery. The visitors could wander around in these historic walls and give themselves to Lenas narrations. Not only were shown the large dragons and other objects from the year 2011, but also some drawings and the book Nocturne. There was published a catalogue created by Drache&Bär, which we will show soon, as well.
The Finissage was a festive event opened by Dr. Köhler with many guests and our Cracow friends, which we unfortunately don't see so often at the moment.
A small report on the evening you find on our facebook page.

17 wrz 2012

Behind the scenes

After our return from the beautiful indian summer in Cracow, we show you a little sneak preview from behind the scenes of the Drache&Bär film. The last days we spent shooting with the filmmakers Lukasz Cholewiak and Tomasz Gotfryd in the countryside near Cracow at the wood workshop of Jan Bik. More to come soon.
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