20 cze 2013

Summertime beauty

Another new item in the Drache&Bär collection are Alex and Axel turned out of natural, oiled cherry wood.
They are manufactured by hand in the workshop of Jan Bik near Cracow, where also the wood comes from.

Alex: 33 cm x 9 cm
Axel: 35 cm x 9 cm

They come with a little red seal heart at the bottom.

For sale now, order under info@dracheundbaer.com,
55 Euro plus transport for each candleholder.

19 cze 2013

Advice Dice

The game of bears and kings.
Set your mood, set yourself, risk or wait.
Our little series Advice Dice consists of:
Dice I: Poet - Monk - King - Hero
Dice II: Risk - Wait - Test - Quit
Dice III: Bird - Bear - Lamb - Worm
They are made out of lasered beech wood, 4 cm x 4 cm, manufactured in the workshop of Szymon Szymański near Cracow.
If you wish to possess one, or all, write an email to info@dracheundbaer.com.
Costs for each 10 Euro, 27 Euro for all three (plus transport)

14 cze 2013

Beerenlese Party

Some snapshots of our friend Francisco Velazquez Escobar from saturday's summerparty and exhibition Beerenlese at the Drache&Bär Studio in Charlottenburg. Chocolate strawberries, the little dressed up birch tree, our animation film on the wall and the sofa in front of the studio - everything was prepared in time. When the first guests arrived, Saam Schlammingers composition on Nocturne whispered in the air. A warm evening that we will remember for a long time.

12 cze 2013

Beerenlese Story

Beerenlese was the topic of this years Drache&Bär summer party and exhibition. The reason for our little event was the presentation of some new items, the advice dice and candleholders our of cherry wood. Above we show some pictures of the preparations and invitation cards.
Great thanks to the girls from Switzerland, Martina & Martina, especially for preparing beautiful strawberries in white chocolate.

10 cze 2013

Aerial wonder - Kvadratt in colour

We have the pleasure to present the new materials for our module furniture Kvadratt.
Photographer Arno, who is working in fields of portrait and fashion photography in Berlin and London, created these photos together with acrobats Iryna Bondarenko and Mikhail Stepanov.
Iryna is originally working as juggler and Mikhail is known for his air acrobatics in shows like the Tiger Lillies Freakshow at Wintergarten-Variete.
We feel honoured to have been working with this great team!

Kvadratt is now also available in above shown colours, you may order now: twittering canary, blooming seaweeds, fresh salmon, blossom lilac, strawberry field & cooling breeze.

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