5 lip 2013

Hänsel & Gretel - Making of

The cold and dark months february and march we spent coin model making. Lena had designed two drawing concepts after which we developed eagle, type and identity of the coins.
Since Lena's last made coin model was quite a few years ago,  she had to fresh up technique and carving, getting familiar again with the hard dental gips which the models must be made of.
After many casts, positive and negative forms, the coins Lena developed turned out beautiful.
The topic of Grimms dark and dangerous though happy ending storytelling Hänsel & Gretel, was very tempting and took over: the whole family was involved and excited to take part in Grimms fairytale and we have been living with the witch ever after.

2 komentarze:

  1. WOW!! This is amazing! Do you also have a workshop for this?

  2. Ana, we can make a workshop - but reserve your summer holidays for it :)


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