22 paź 2013


The Ampfiteatr, a concrete concert shell in Tarnów, a town 80 km from Cracow, was built in 1967. It was then and still is a brilliant example of modernistic cultural architecture. Until 2006, the place was busy showing cabaret, festivals and concerts for citizens and visitors of the beautiful Oldtown of Tarnow.

Since 2006, this place is closed, empty and slowly decays. The town lost its pulsating heart of social life.

We were asked to develop a vision and visualisation for the Amfiteatr.
Instead of developing a new project and tearing down the old substance, the idea was to keep this architectural pearl in the hands of the citizens. Examples of other, bigger cities show the acceptance of the inhabitants when it comes to reactivation of iconic city places, as the Hotel Forum in Cracow, the Warszawa Powiśle in Warsaw or the old airport Tempelhof in Berlin.
The place being the visitcard of this historical town, shall combine cultural life and life-quality of families. A day playground as well as an evening bar, the meeting point for people visiting concerts  and the center for cultural activities like workshops - all that in the heart of the city.

In the end of last week, this project was accepted by citizens and the town council and granted with 300.000 zl for realization. So great!

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