7 kwi 2014

Sentimentale Phänomene

Lenas traditional november show took place at our studio, were she installed her recent works under the title 'Sentimentale Phänomene halb vergessener Räume' (sentimental phenomenons of half forgotten spaces).
The exhibition was devided in the upper floor of our studio and the working space downstairs in our 'half-forgotten' basement space. In the basement were shown sketches, text fragments and broken ceramics - the process that lead to the pieces shown above.
The title of this atelier show connects to material and spacial phenomenons described by the polish writer Bruno Schulz.
Our gratitude goes to Gosia Quinkenstein, who wrote an accompanying text that was printed in the small leaflet of 'Sentimentale Phänomene halb vergessener Räume'.

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