4 kwi 2014

The story of Zalipie

In the late summer of 2013 we went on a trip from Cracow to the tiny village of Zalipie. The folklore paintings, traditionally made by the women of the village, had been inspiring Lena for some private pieces and we finally wanted to see the originals. The trip became not only visually inspiring but developed to a little allegory about creation, that we never forgot.

Zalipie is placed alongside one quiet landroad. In one of the first houses, we were invited to see the inside out painted house of the inhabitant and creator who excitedly showed us her medals of won contests, signatures in the guest book from people all over the world - it was an overload of replicants, repeating flowering motives from the past and cheaply produced pieces made for selling to visitors - like Disneyland - and we were wondering if we would find what we were looking for.

After this visit, we drove deaper into Zalipie and discovered  more and more beautiful and original paintings everywhere on the surfaces on almost every object.
In the very end of the road, just before turning around, we came to witness a situation we didnt expect. A family, together with the neighbours, was just tearing down a painted house. All that was left standing to that moment was the chimney (as you can see above).
We found out that it was the home of Maria Wscisło. We were told that the next generation of the family needed  more space, so the old house had to give way for the new one.
Her paintings were the sweetest and most charming ones we have seen during our visit to Zalipie and imagine: they vanished in one day.
Maria took it with a smile. Her paintings were created for living and now they disappear for the living.
This gave us a lot to think about ambitions, creativity and its purpose.

P.S.: Józef, the neighbour of Maria, found in the dust of the building site a dirty old plywood desk with Marias flowers on it and they gave it to us as a present after we spoke a little bit. At home, we cleaned our unexpected treasure and framed it.

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